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Detail Informations About Buah Merah Benefits

Since it was being published by a notable Indonesian health Magazine in the beginning of 2004, pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) became very popular in many conversations. Many testimonies appeared to convince the amazing effects of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah). For example : success stories in treatment by pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) from various famous artists. When pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) season is over, supply of the raw material is scarce, customers had to order first before they could get the pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil

Following are some real testimonies of consumers who had been recovered from difficult to recover diseases.


The Fading of Breast Cancer

Tri Daryanti is a woman who comes from Boyolali, Central Java.

Tri Daryanti suffered for a very long time. She has had pain in her breast, her fingers and she also had no feeling in a part of her leg because of a previous accident.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. Sometimes, her breast was so hardened and had a burning feeling. Her breast grew bigger and bigger. She had also a lot of pain in her spine. She couldn’t sleep well as a result of these problems and finally decided to get a medical check up. She had a blood test, urine test, heart test, and a blood pressure test as well.

The doctor diagnosed that she had 2nd stage breast cancer. She didn’t have any appetite, lost a lot of weight and her body became skinnier and skinnier.

Her family tried many remedies. She used alternative medicine for approximately three years without any results.

Because her husband was transferred for his job, she moved to Jayapura; there she visited a doctor that told her that she will get worse if she didn’t get an immediate operation, which she then had done as the doctor recommended.

She did not feel any pain after the first weeks of surgery, however not long thereafter the pain started again and the wounds on her breast never dried up. She suffered for another two years before she heard about the “red fruit” oil. She consumed it together with some shark oil. After taking the “buah Merah, she felt much better and was able to sleep again. The cancer subsided only after two weeks after first consuming the “Buah Merah”.

Although she has been totally recovered, she keeps taking the red fruit oil to maintain her healthy condition.


The Man Who Was Paralyzed, Recovered

Abraham Ronsumre was a teacher at Newi Elementary School.

Abraham Ronsumre had been paralyzed for many years and the red fruit has helped him to recover. One day he was digging dirt for the foundation of a brick wall, when the bricks and stones slid on top of him. He was buried about 1 meter deep and totally covered with the bricks. Luckily, he was still alive considering the heavy weight of the material, but ended up paralyzed. Bystanders took him to the hospital; however he was unable to move his hands or lift his body up. The stone slide weakened all his nerves and he ended up paralyzed.

After several years went by, one of his nieces offered him the “red fruit” oil because it contains vitamins and minerals and a high dose of antioxidants.

Only a few days after consuming the “red fruit oil” he was able to move again. He was totally recovered after consuming 3 bottles of the “red fruit oil”. He still consumes the red fruit oil to prevent any relapse.



A brother of mine was having extra marital affairs with a woman who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS positive.

That same woman passed away about 3 1/2 years ago. Now, this brother and his 2 wives and children frequently get sick and all that comes to their mind is that they are also HIV Positive.

This is because they could see all the symptoms of HIV in their body.

This brother, together with his 2nd wife and 1 child started taking the red fruit oil expecting to be healed from that illness.

Last Friday I went to the village where they live and to my surprise, the woman said and I quote: “The medicine you bought for us is very good. At first, I used to be tired after a very short walk, but now since I started taking the red fruit oil, I feel fit again.

Before I could not eat but now I can eat very well, she added. My hands used to be heavy and it had no feeling whenever I put it down on a table or on an object for ten minutes or more, but now it is OK. The medicine is very good.

I will ask my husband to let you bring us more; she concluded”
Mr Samuel, I was very happy to hear that from the woman.

I believe the red fruit oil will surely save many lives in Ghana.


There is a woman who lives in Jayapura ( new Guinea). Her name is Mrs. Krey. Mrs. Krey could not move her left leg and her left arm. She had a stroke in 2002. Mrs. Krey did not give up. She went to several doctors and tried many kinds of medicine and spent lots of money without getting any results…
Finally, she decided to purchase a 150 ml bottle of the red fruit oil. She took 1 tea spoonful once a day and after about two weeks she was able to move her leg and her hand joint again. She keeps consuming the red fruit until today.


Cancer Of The Uterus

“Sometimes I felt very hurt during my menstruation” said Ussy Sulistyawati. She had tried many pills during her menstruation period. She then decided to see a doctor for a check up. The doctor said that it was womb cancer. She became so scared after hearing what the doctor had said and agreed to get some surgery to remove the cancer tumor at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

Somebody suggested to her to try a traditional herb from Papua, New Guinea, which is being called the red fruit oil. She consumed it before she went to Singapore. And as a result, before the surgery took place the cancer cells became smaller and smaller only within a week after taking the red fruit oil. She ended up not having any surgery, because after examination the doctor decided that it was not necessary anymore.

She shared with her friends of what had happened to her and suggested to all of them to consume the red fruit oil just for prevention.

Now, not only her, but also her mother is consuming the red fruit oil everyday .


Hepatitis B

In 1997 a man was hospitalized in a very weak state. His name is Wardoyo. He was in the army. His skin was yellow and the face very pale. The man was so hopeless and gave up to live. He couldn’t even react when people were visiting him in the hospital. Sometimes he touched his stomach with his hand because he was in so much pain. The reason for his weakness was caused by the virus Hepatitis B

Since 1986 he was always routinely checked up every two months. Because of his routine check up, he never expected to contract the hepatitis B virus. He started to get weak in 1993 without knowing what the problem was. His health condition decreased and he started to neglect it. He was too busy with his job and started to eat less also.

He didn’t have much of an appetite and wanted to vomit after every meal. He lost a lot of weight and the doctors suggested doing an intensive examination of the swollen stomach.

He was admitted to Pertamina Hospital in Cirebon. They took a blood test and the results were very bad. The SGPT and SGOT were totally out of the normal range. That means the liver was not functioning. Normally, SGOT is 17 mu / cc, and SGPT is 13 mu/cc maximum.

Wardoyo had a very high SGOT and SGPT and the doctor diagnosed that Wardoyo got the hepatitis B infection. It is also causing a chronic hepatitis and cyrosis (hardening of the liver) and could eventually develop into liver cancer.

After being in the hospital for a full week without any improvement, he decided to look for an alternative remedy. He went to another clinic without any results.

The Treatment

Then, during an exhibition he was introduced to the Red Fruit Oil. He bought 2 bottles and consumed it 2 x 1 spoon daily. He also mixed it with jungle worm to recover from the hepatitis. The combination of the red fruit oil and jungle worm was very effective. He felt much better only within a few days after taking this mixture. He became stronger and stronger and did not have to vomit anymore.

The lab test showed that the SGOT and SGPT was going down. So, he kept consuming the pills while consuming the red fruit oil.


A Stronger Heart

A man from Pacitan worked with PT Pos Indonesia in Jakarta. His name is Mr. Koesdijono. He had difficulty breathing and was very weak because he had suffered a heart attack.

He got the heart attack in 1987 and had another one in 2004 because of not getting enough rest and not enough sleep. When Mr. Koesdijono had his second heart attack, he was working in his office. An ambulance took him to Harapan Kita hospital in Jakarta. He went straight into the emergency room. The doctor said that there were three problems in his pulse as it reached 80%. No way out except undergoing by pass surgery right away. The surgery went well and he was released from the hospital on February 16, 2004. He joined a rehabilitation group for a speedy recovery. He also did some exercises at home. The Doctor suggested to him to eat more vegetables and fruits and change his pattern of life, so that he would be less stressed out.

Mr. Koesdijono however did not only have a heart problem, but also a gastriic problem. He had a problems with his digestion system and had a hard time to discharge.

One morning, during a health discussion on TV, he watched a testimony about the advantages of red fruit oil that cured a woman from HIV/Aids. He became very interested to consume the red fruit oil also. After consuming the red fruit oil he felt much stronger, walks every day for 3 km now and his gastric and digestion problems were totally a thing of the past.


The Red Fruit is Liver Cancer Recoverer

Albertin Salong comes from Makassar. She was very weak as a result of her liver cancer (Cyrosis). On May 2003, 7 litres of yellow fluid had to be taken out from her body. This procedure had to be done every two weeks. After every treatment she felt okay for a few days only. Finally the doctor gave up all hopes of recovery and she felt very so helpless.

Someone came to her and suggested to try the red fruit oil. She consumed the red fruit oil 2×1 daily since September 2003.A huge change happened to her after one week of consuming. She was better and better day by day.

Albertin Salong is one of many patients who received benefits from the red fruit oil. It has been proven that the red fruit oil can heal diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, hepatitis, heart coronary disease, osteoprosis, HIV and many other lethal diseases.


The Red Fruit vs Breast Cancer

Hariyanti, a mother of 2 daughters, had a lot of pain in her breasts. Although the pain was sometimes unbearable, she didn’t want to get surgery. Instead she consumed the Red Fruit since 2004 and her condition was getting better and better as a result.

In 2003, there was a little spot on her left breast. She didn’t think much of it in the beginning, but she finally went to the doctor because of a very painful breast. She was shocked when she got the results from the doctor. She refused to get surgery however.


She consumed many traditional herbs and never recovered. One day in 2004, the spot opened up and a white discharge was coming out and the skin turned black. The wound became worse and worse. The herbs did not do anything for her, and her breasts became more painful.

One of her friends came over one day and suggested to try the Red Fruit Oil.
She consumed 3×1 spoons per day. Within five days she felt better and her black spot was clearing up day by day. Also, the white discharge became fresh blood colour. The doctor who practices at Boro general hospital gave her vitamins only. She just consumed the red fruit extract and she became healthy afterwards.


Lung problems disappeared

A 34 year old man from Sleman, Central Java, Indonesia, by the name of Sulistyo Nugroho can smile and joke with his family now, however only a few years ago , he coughed continually and as a result his breast was hurting so bad, that he couldn’t work very well. It was at the end of 2002. He didn’t take care of his illness that much in the beginning. He consumed general pills. His wife was pregnant at the same time. The cough was getting even worse after the baby was born. He couldn’t sleep at all during the night because of his cough.

The Diagnose

His wife took him to the doctor for a check up. After the examination the doctor did not say anything. He was given medication without any results. He also tried Javanese and Chinese herbal traditional medicines. He went to a Chinese medication man, called a sinshe. and had to pay 5 million rupiahs for the traditional medication. His breast got better but he didn’t keep consuming the sinshe pills because of the high price. He went back to the doctor because his lungs wer still not good. The regular doctor and a specialist checked him out. Some doctors said that it was TBC (Tuberculosis).
His body was cold even in hot weather and his condition was getting worse. He had a bitter taste and he became skinnier. The weight dropped from 75 to 50 kg.

The Appeared Hope

Someone offered him to use the red fruit oil. He began to consume the red fruit oil on December 2004. He consumed 3 x 3 tea spoons of the red fruit oil daily. He decided not to work for a couple of weeks while consuming the red fruit oil. He became better within a few days. He got many benefits by consuming the red fruit oil. The cough and the breast pain almost disappeared. He was now able to sleep all night.


Lung Cancer

Andi, a 56 year old man, had lung cancer. Within the last two years he had tried many traditional remedies without any results, Doctors had given up on him, because in general lung cancer patients have a very small survival rate. Then, the red fruit oil helped him to recover himself.

He had coughed for many years, but he never paid to much attention to it until his breast started to hurt during coughing. His breast became so painful, that he decided to see a doctor and was shocked when he heard the news that he had an advanced degree of cancer in the lungs, which in most cases is irreversible. The doctor knew it, because of a very high alfa-fitoprotein and the tumor was large.

The weak body

Lung cancer is on of the biggest cancer killer in the Asia, because Asian people are among the heaviest smokers in the world. In Asia 90% of cancer patients have lung cancer.
Andi’s body was ver weak and the doctor suggested to undergoe chemotherapy. For some unknown reason he did not follow the doctors instructions and his family tried o use some traditional herbal treatments.

The alternative remedy

He tried many alternative remedies, such as a traditional remedy. Finally, he consumed the red fruit oil. He consumed 8 bottles of the red fruit oil which contain of 120 ml each.
Andi looked fresher and no longer pale. He has an appetite now, gained weight. His stamina was increased after consuming the red fruit oil.


Nasal Tumor

Nur Hasyim is an employer of a fertilizer company, PT. Pusri, in Palembang. Nur Hasyim spent two weeks in a hospital, but his condition got worse, and didn’t have an appetite. The body temperature was very high, approximately 38.2 – 39.5 0 C. The only medication they gave him, were pills for flu.

He had this nasal tumor since October 2000. Firstly, he experienced bleeding of the left nostril. Doctors performed a CT Scan observation early 2001 and found a tumor inside the nose and it had spread to the left side of the cheek and under the front side of the brain, just behind the left eye. Because of the seriousness, the doctor recommended to have surgery.

The surgery was successful and was done in June 2001. Unfortunately, the tumor inside the nasal of the left nostril was still there, and there was also still a tumor on the frontside of the brain and behind the left eye, because the doctor did not want to risk the patient’s life.

Nur Hasyim was no hopeless. He could not eat nor drink well. Of course, as a result he lost a lot of weight

He had a blood transfusion in July 2004, just to raise the hemoglobin. The hemoglobin showed at 7. And the blood transfusion did not go well either.

Someone encouraged him to consume the red fruit oil 3 times a day.

After he followed this advise, just after a few days taking the red fruit oil, his condition improved considerably. He was able to eat again normally, first day only a a little but gradually more and more. He began to eat well though 3 spoonfeed only. The swelling of the nasal was recovered and it was not babbling anymore. The doctor let him back home on the 22 nd day of consuming the red fruit oil.



“Stroke sufferer, now has free activities …” Heavy stroke attacked her in 2002. She was unable to move her left arm and foot, It was really amazing that after consuming pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) extract for two weeks, she was completely healed and was able to do normal activities.


Heart attack

“My heart gets stronger…”
During his rehabilitation time after a by-pass operation, he began to consume pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) regularly, in fact many changes happened. He doesn’t have any gastric problems anymore and his heart is getting stronger.


Heart attack

“Salute for pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)”
After having the benefits of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), Mr.Budi who had several heart attacks, stopped using imported anti –oxidant super pills. He only drinks pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), and his body is always fresh, he sleeps much better and feels much stronger now.



“My cancer tumors became smaller after drinking pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)”
A week after drinking pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) three times a day, the doctor said that her cervix cancer size reduced 50%


“My myoma has been healed..”
According to the doctor, only scalpel could end my suffering caused by myomauteri, but after consume pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil (MBM) my myoma has been healed and I could face my future.

Cyst and Diabetes

“Only in 5 months cyst and diabetes disappeared”
The check up result from my doctor in Singapore proved that a number of my tumor markers are reduced, became 31,1 (before: 62,5) so they cancelled my operation and the diabetes number also reduced from 108 to 87.

Weakness Nerves

“The weakness nerves were healed after drinking 3 (three) bottles of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)..”
Abraham couldn’t do anything before, not even eat or take a bath, he always needed someone’s help, now everything is OK. Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) overcame his weakness and blood circulation.


Some other testimonies from Japan: http://www.buahmerah.jp/testimonyinEnglish.htm